Tesab manufacture a Crusher Range to suit any operation. Offering Jaw Crushers to Crush Primary Rock, Impact Crushers for Primary, Secondary & Tertiary applications and Cone Crushers to complete the range, Tesab provide customers with a complete solution for the Mining, Quarrying and Recycling sectors.

Jaw Crusher Range

Designed to Crush Primary Rock at the Quarry Face. Offering a range of Heavy Duty options designed specifically for Hard Rock Applications in the Quarry Market, Tesab also offer a more streamlined, easy to manoeuvre range, tailored for the Contractor Market.

MachineTonnageMax Feed SizeReductionPrescreenWeight
700i350 TPH700mm (28")up to 4:1Yes47,420kgs (104,543lbs)View Machine
800i400 TPH800mm (32")up to 4:1Yes61,500kgs (135,854lbs)View Machine

Impact Crusher Range

Designed to provide a High Quality Shaped Product at a Low Cost Per Ton. Offering both large and compact Impactors for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Applications.

MachineTonnageMax Feed SizeReductionPrescreenWeight
623CT150 TPH200mm (8")up to 20:1No26,350kgs (58,091lbs)View Machine
1012T250 TPH500mm (20")up to 20:1No41,200kgs (90,830lbs)View Machine
1012TS350 TPH500mm (20")up to 20:1Yes45,200kgs (99,649lbs)View Machine
1412T350 TPH300mm (12")up to 20:1No42,700kgs (94,137lbs)View Machine

Cone Crusher Range

Cone Crusher Range ideally used as a Secondary Crusher being fed by a Primary Crusher, the Tesab Cone Range is designed to produce High Quality Cubical Aggregates.

MachineTonnageMax Feed SizeReductionPrescreenWeight
1000TC160 TPH150mm (6")up to 6:1No32,400kgs (71,430lbs)View Machine
1150TC200 TPH180mm (7")up to 6:1Optional42,000kgs (92,595lbs)View Machine
1150TCP240 TPH180mm (7")up to 6:1Yes45,780kgs (100,927lbs)View Machine

Wheeled Crusher Range

MachineTonnageMax Feed SizeReductionPrescreenWeight
623S150+ TPH200mm (8")up to 20:1Yes19,500kgs (42,900lbs)View Machine
643S150+ TPH200mm (8")up to 20:1Yes23,500kgs (51,809lbs)View Machine
1012S250+ TPH500mm (20")up to 20:1Optional35,500kgs (78,264lbs)View Machine