DSP250 Dual Cyclone

Tesab’s Range of Cyclone Sand Plants are designed to wash sand, recover fines and dewater sand in a modular, self-contained unit. This range has proved popular due to its ease of operation and great value for money!

The Cyclone Sand Plant comprises of a Collection Tank, Hydrocyclone Centrifugal Pump, Dewatering Screen and Support Frame.

Working Principle

The sand and water slurry coming from the washing screen is collected in the sump tank and fed by the centrifugal pump to the cyclone. The cyclone seperates particles according to their relative settling rate in the centrifugal force created inside the cyclone.

The clay, waste and ultra-fine particles are removed by suction through the overflow while the coarser solids spiral down the cyclone cone and are discharged onto the dewatering screen. The dewatering screen is fitted with slotted polyurethane screens which move the sand along and discharges the dewatered sand onto the outlet chute.

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DSP250 Dual Cyclone Features

  • Production: Up to 240 TPH
  • Cyclone Diameter: 2 x 800mm (32”)
  • Water Pump Size: 200mm (8”)
  • Tank Capacity: 8,400 Litres (1,850 Gallons)
  • Screen Dimensions: 4100mm x 1800mm (162” x 71”)
  • Dewatering Area: 30.7m2
  • Power Requirements: 55kW Electric Motor
  • Weight (Dry): 14,700 kgs (32,408 lbs)

Washplant Benefits

  • Ability to Produce 1 or 2 Grades of Sand
  • More Consistent Sand Grading and Quality
  • Suitable for Natural and Crushed Sand
  • Reduces Sand Sent to Lagoon
  • Reduces Lagoon Maintenance
  • Retains Saleable Sand
  • Modular Design

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